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Demonstration of Very Low Energy New Buildings
At a glance:
Duration: 6 years
EU Contributions: 5,7 M€
Total Budget: 9,5 M€
Associated Investment: 191 M€
5 energy efficient demonstration sites
27.000 square meters
65% energy savings in the buildings
832 ton CO2 saved each year
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Demo site 1
Quaregnon, Belgium
Several type of residential and tertiary buildings
At a glance:
Surface: 5.000 sqm
Climatic Zone: Oceanic
Building typology: Several type of residential buildings
End users: Families, children, elderly people, general public
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Demo site 2
Lecce, Italy
Mixed tertiary for different uses
At a glance:
Surface: 5.214sqm
Climatic Zone: Mediterranean
Building typology: Modular building
End users: Workers and general public
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Demo site 3
Zaragoza, Spain
Offices and R+D Laboratories
At a glance:
Surface: 2.749 sqm
Climatic Zone: Mediterranean
Building typology: Single-building
End users: Researchers, workers, students
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Demo site 4
Borås and Varberg, Sweden
Industrialised single residential houses
At a glance:
Surface: 276 sqm
Climatic Zone: Continental
Building typology: Single-family house
End users: families, researchers and general public
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Demo site 5
Istanbul, Turkey
University campus: Faculty Building
At a glance:
Surface: 17.756 sqm
Climatic Zone: Mediterranean
Building typology: Single-building
Type of use: Public use
End users: Students, professors
NEED4B Project
NEED4B will develop an open and easily replicable methodology for designing, constructing, and operating very low energy new buildings, aiming to a large market uptake. NEED4B methodology will be validated and refined by a strong demonstration programme, envisaging the construction of 27.000 m2, spread among five demo sites covering different climatic zones, buildings types and uses, what ensures replicability of the project results and guarantees their impact in the construction sector
How to build very low energy buildings?
All buildings in NEED4B have a common target of achieving a primary energy consumption lower than 60 kWh/m2 year. NEED4B will deliver a methodology for designing, constructing and operating energy efficient buildings achieving this same target and beyond. Click here to see specific recommendations and guidelines adapted to the main stakeholders involved in the process: investors, promoters, owner, users, architects, contractors, public authorities, standardization bodies, policy makers, SMEs, etc.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 285173
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